Beat the September Rush – Use a Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

It’s already that time of year again, the end of the summer holidays and the kids are going back to school. For those who want to resume to normal working life, this may be a huge relief!

As a Mortgage Broker in Nottingham, we know that a lot of people put off their mortgage/remortgage during the summer holidays as they simply don’t have enough time. This results in a large number of applicants all applying in September once the kids go back to school.

Have you ever thought about getting ahead of the game and trying to beat the rush? Doing so could allow you to get in front of potential competitors and help you secure your dream home faster than expected.

Fast and friendly mortgage advice in Nottingham

Here are some reasons why jumping the gun and starting your process early could help you secure a mortgage quicker than expected.

Beating competitors

If you’re currently viewing properties, you will know that there is always some sort of competition with other buyers. However, this could step up even more in September. With homebuyer demand expected to rise, rather than there being one other party looking to buy a property, there could end up being more than a few.

Our mortgage advisors in Nottingham will do their best to help you stand out in front of these buyers, however, to eliminate the number of competitors, you can start your process sooner rather than later. Beating them to the rush could help you secure your dream property.

As a first time buyer in Nottingham, you will want to put yourself in the best position possible at the point of application. You want to let your lender know that you’re a reliable applicant so that you can get in front of other buyers – we can help you with this.

AIP at the ready

We can get an Agreement in Principle (AIP) arranged for you within 24 hours of your free mortgage appointment.

An AIP shows that you’ve been agreed a certain amount in principle by a lender. This can show the property seller that you’re ready to proceed quicker than someone who doesn’t have an AIP in place.

If you get your AIP arranged before September, you could be able to make an offer on a property straight away, no hassle is needed.

Contact us and we will get your AIP arranged within 24 hours of your appointment.

A quicker overall process

Less buzz in the market means that your overall mortgage process should be quicker… right? Well, that answer can depend on which route you choose to take at the very start of your journey.

If you choose a mortgage broker in Nottingham like us, you could end up shooting your way through the process and have a property secured within weeks, you just have to go through the evidencing your income, affordability stage after that.

However, if you choose to go to a bank or building society, you could still end up being put in an appointment queue. There probably won’t be a huge backlog as you are still getting ahead of other people who are going to apply in September, however, they still may put off your application, meaning that it could dip into September anyway.

At Nottinghammoneyman, responsiveness is one of our core values, we believe that you should be able to book a mortgage appointment with a mortgage advisor in Nottingham straight away. With our service, we want you to beat the rush and get you through your process with a fast and friendly service.

Speak to a mortgage advisor in Nottingham

We have mortgage advisors in Nottingham available 7 days a week. You can book your own mortgage appointment by using our online booking feature today. With the help of a mortgage advisor in Nottingham, you could get the chance to beat the September rush!

Once the kids go back to school, the market will be back on fire. Start your mortgage process today and claim your free mortgage appointment. Whether you’re looking to purchase as a first time buyer or remortgage in Nottingham, we’re more than happy to help.

We hope to hear from you soon!

How The January 2021 Lockdown Will Affect The Property & Mortgage Market

Lockdown Mortgage Advice in Nottingham

From Tuesday 5th January, it was confirmed that you’ll still be able to buy or sell a home during the January 2021 lockdown, as well as move home if you need to.

During the recent Government announcement on 4th January 2021, Boris Johnson confirmed that the UK would enter another nationwide lockdown. The changes that were stated during the update would come into immediate effect on the following day 5th January.

This lockdown has affected many sectors differently, some have been treated more generously than others and still have the permission to continue as normal. This lockdown is functioning parallel to the November lockdown, the only difference is that this lockdown is going to be extended for a minimum of 8 weeks.

In terms of the property market, it’s still standing comfortably on its feet and everything is going to carry on as normal through this lockdown. This means that you’ll still be able to take up house viewings and progress with your property purchase or sale.

It’s important to know that there still could be a slight delay with some business. Solicitors and Surveyors are working to the current restrictions which has unfortunately slowed down their speed of service. Also, the end of the Stamp Duty Cut is just beyond the horizon, so as you would expect, there is an influx of mortgage applications within the market as it is anyway. Just because things are taking a little longer doesn’t mean that you should put off pursuing your dream home and a getting mortgage deal, both these things can still be achieved this lockdown.

Mortgage Market Advice in Nottingham

Safety measures for home movers

As you’ve heard all year round, Stay Safe.

We urge applicants that are thinking of Moving Home in Nottingham to strictly follow the guidelines that have been put in place by the Government. These latest government guidelines for home movers are important as they keep you safe and everybody else safe.

It’s mostly little things, for example, you must sanitise and wear your mask when taking up house viewings etc.

90% mortgages are still available to buyers

90% mortgages took their time to return back to the market, however, now that they are here, there is a lot more hope for applicants trying to secure a competitive deal. Although, things are still catching up to speed and not every lender may be offering 90% mortgages. This may be down to their trust in the market; but don’t worry, in due time we are hoping for things to slowly return to “normal”.

There is still demand within the market and your Mortgage Broker in Nottingham knows that. We have seen the demand first hand as we are hearing from customers regularly who are looking for deals with a 5-10% deposit required.

There is also an opportunity to access a 90% mortgage through the likes of the Help to Buy Equity Loan scheme or the Help to Buy Shared Ownership scheme. A Help to Buy Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham like us, will explain how these methods could help you obtain a mortgage with only a 5-10% deposit.

An extension on Mortgage Payment Holidays

Mortgage Payment Holidays were offered to homeowners during the first lockdown as a way to postpone mortgage payments for a short period of time. You could only access the scheme for a maximum of 6 months and the ending date was 31st October 2020. In good news, the government have announced that the Mortgage Payment Holiday scheme will be extended to 31st March 2021.

If you are yet to take advantage of a Mortgage Payment Holiday, you’ll be able to request a break of up to 6 months. If you’ve already taken a Mortgage Payment Holiday of less than 6 months, you will be able to extend your existing holiday up until the 6 month mark.

Still here, still open

In Nottingham, our Mortgage Advice service is still available and we’re here to help in every way that we can. Our brilliant team of Mortgage Advisors in Nottingham are here throughout lockdown working 7 days a week. So, if you have any questions, don’t think twice about getting in touch.

All customers will still benefit from a free initial mortgage consultation, no matter the situation.

For a brief rundown of the current status of the property and mortgage market, please see our video from company director Malcolm Davidson, recorded the following day.

Nottinghammoneyman Christmas Message During Covid-19

Have a safe Xmas – from your Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

We here at Nottinghammoneyman would like to wish everyone out there a very Merry Christmas, and we hope for a prosperous and healthy 2021 for all.

The values of properties in the UK have surprisingly held themselves up high during the pandemic. Due to stock shortage, undiminished consumer demand and the Stamp Duty Holiday (which is due to end in March of 2021).

Suppose we have learnt anything about the property market in 2020. In that case, it’s that you’ll never stop a dedicated and hard-working potential First Time Buyer in Nottingham from pushing through and doing whatever it takes to be a homeowner!

Purchase & remortgage predictions

We predict that as we advance into 2021, despite unemployment levels going on the rise, we here at Nottinghammoneyman fully expect the consumer demand for buying property to continue to be on the rise.

With people spending more and more time at home, it’s only natural that people will inevitably start looking for something bigger, better or with a lovelier garden.

Also, around this time of year, we will see lots of remortgage activity from customers who are happy with their current home but would like to invest in their homes by expanding for some home improvements.

Things are looking up

Interest rates are still relatively low, and off the back of Brexit, the Government will want the property sector to thrive, especially considering that it is one of the “wide multipliers”, e.g. it will uphold lots of jobs.

Once the vaccine is fully out there, and life starts to feel a little normal again. We believe there will be many people who adopt a “life’s too short” approach to their lives, something that should be good for the economy, especially those with involvement in the property market.

If you need Mortgage Advice in Nottingham or life insurance advice in 2021, please feel free to get in touch. Our dedicated mortgage advisors are available from early until late, seven days a week, from morning until late evening, to answer your questions. Contact us to book your free mortgage consultation!

Christmas Mortgage Advice in Nottingham

Company Recognition: our August 2019 Champions

Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

Company Champions

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition. That’s why our Mortgage Broker in Nottingham have set up our employee appreciation scheme for our employees. Each month, our employee recognition system lets our employees be rewarded through individual nominations for maintaining the company’s core values and keeping the work environment a positive place for all.

This month the employees with the top scores are as follows:

1. Michael Sallabank

Michael | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Despite being overrun with IT issues, ‘Mikey’ always finds a solution. Whilst juggling the daily tasks of the marketing department, fixing the office equipment, and at the same time finishing up his own qualification in Level 3 Digital Marketing – He has also managed to make time to mentor our two most recent apprentice’s.

Great job Mikey!

2. Nathan Moore

Nathan | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Nathan has been keeping a keen eye on the company’s incoming cases, helping to deal with all customer queries and making sure people can get their last-minute appointments. Because of his hard-work and caring service as a Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham, Nathan has received great outcomes and responses from all customers he has interacted with – making him one of this month’s top-ranking 5-star service employees.

Keep doing us proud Nathan!

3. Annie Hudson

Annie | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Amazing feedback has been received about Annie from both Staff and Customers – highlighting her versatility in all the office’s departments. With tasks coming in from all directions, from rapid response rates to taking on many cases to make sure customers mortgage applications run smoothly, Annie has used this opportunity to shine.

Stay shining Annie!

This month’s top reviewed employee | Kayleigh Steward

Kayleigh | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Kayleigh Steward has received 26 reviews! This is an amazing achievement as we know that is can sometimes be hard asking for customers to provide feedback over and over again. However, because of your amazing customer service, people have wanted to come back and tell us how helpful you have been! – Well done Kayleigh!

Nottinghammoneyman – Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Dewsbury & Dewsbury: two Generations Working Together

Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Earlier on in the week, we welcomed our newest member, Joe Dewsbury, to our Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham team.

Father & Son Mortgage Advisors in Nottingham

Joe was introduced to the company by his father Wayne, who is also one of our leading Advisors with 36 years of legal experience behind him – you may recognise him from one of our social media posts or have interacted with him when popping into our office.

Prior to starting with us, Joe worked at a high street bank for 3 years but has already shown in the few days he has been with us a keen interest to dive headfirst and take on the exciting challenges of the company.

After spending a vast amount of time being mentored by our very own Matt Collinson, shown the ins and outs of each department, and been told where the good coffee is – we hope you’ll have a great connection with Joe as a Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham, just like our customers have had with Wayne.

Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

Company Recognition: This Months 2019 Champions

Celebrating our Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

It’s that time again to recognise our Mortgage Broker in Nottingham Employee’s tremendous efforts of delivering amazing service to our customers and upkeeping the cheerful atmosphere circulating around the workplace.

Another brilliant month for nominations – This month our winners are…

Laura | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Reviews | Laura Aves

Laura collected an awesome amount of five-star reviews In which is amazing! Well done Laura.

Here are a few of the reviews that we received…

“Not a face to face organisation but was not an issue because easy to obtain for any issues. Quick to reply to phone calls and quick to reply to e-mails. Twice to use them and never been let down. Would I recommend them yes 100%. You will not be disappointed.” – Mark B

“Outstanding. I can’t speak highly enough of Jason and the team – great support throughout with really fast responses. No jargon, just sensible information, well presented. I’m also very happy with the mortgage which was sourced for me.” – Gloria C

“We have been working with Jason Loft and Laura Aves. They have been really helpful with everything. They answered every question (and there were a lot!) at all hours of the day with no trouble. We have felt really supported and helped with the whole process making it feel more manageable and understandable.” – Rachel W

Jason | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

3rd Place | Jason Loft

Jason has come out on top Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham by taking third place in our company recognition champions by showing an incredible amount of determination and work ethic. He has done this by making sure all his customers stay protected and are kept upto speed with their cases so that if anything does go wrong, he can manage to quickly step in and save the day. Keep up the good work Jason!  

Lee Digital Marketing Assistant | Nottinghammoneyman

2nd Place | Lee Underwood

Second place is one of our most recent employees Lee Underwood. This is his first month being nominated as a company recognition champion. Lee has been nominated for his superb media skills which has been consistent throughout his time with us and has wowed everyone after rapidly producing new content for the company with precision and his creative thinking. You’re a star Lee!  

Tom | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

1st Place | Thomas Dent

First up is Thomas Dent has been one of biggest stars this month by receiving multiple nominations from across the board and showing how flexible he can truly be within our departments upholding professionalism and excellent customer service at all times.

He’s shown he can show off his computer skills by helping members of our Marketing Department with IT assistance gaining a nomination from Michael. Our Company Directors also nominated Thomas for his superb behind the scenes work with the paperwork, as have other fellow employees who have said the same. Excellent Work Tom!

Nottinghammoneyman – Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Broker Bake Off 2019 | Nottinghammoneyman

Macmillan Mortgage Broker in Nottingham Bake Off

This years Friday 27th September 2019 our Mortgage Broker in Nottingham set the mark for a Macmillan Coffee Morning, an event where people are encouraged to come together and chat over a brew in order to raise money for cancer support. For many years we’ve made sure to take part in these, as we hold Macmillan close to our hearts.

This year has been one of our best ones yet, with some delicious treats brought forward by our fantastic staff. These included;

  • Chicken Sausage Roll with Mozzarella and Caramelised Onion (Made by Kayleigh Crawley – Mortgage & Protection Advisor)
  • Soured Cream Bundt Cake w/ Butter Glaze & Blackberry Sauce (Made by Anna Braithwaite – Mortgage Technician)
  • Double Chocolate Muffins (Made by Laura Aves – Dedicated Case Handler)
  • Guinness Chocolate Cake (Made by Mel Blanchard – Operations Manager)
  • Carrot Cake (Made by Jo Parnell – Mortgage Technician)
  • Toffee Pavlova (Made by Leanne Ashman – Dedicated Case Handler)
  • Salted Caramel Cake & Lemon Cake (Made by Tesco, generously donated by Kayleigh Steward – Dedicated Case Handler)
  • Heroes Cupcakes (Made by Cadbury, Generously Donated by Paula Milner – Compliance Manager)

All of these were soon consumed and contributions were gathered shortly afterwards from our staff, and our building neighbours.

As a Mortgage Broker in Nottingham, we are delighted to see everyone who baked, donated, tasted and overall had a terrific time during our coffee morning. Bring on next year!


Wear It Pink Day 2019

Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Today our Mortgage Broker in Nottingham, we wore pink to raise awareness for Wear It Pink campaign for Breast Cancer – one of the biggest fundraising events within the UK. So, we joined in with the many thousands who are taking part nationwide by dressing up in the pinkest items we could find in our wardrobes.

With an overall total of £33 million raised to date, we wanted to make sure that we did our part and put in our contribution to raise that number even higher!

This year, each of our employees paid £2 to spend the day bringing colour into the office and for the ones who didn’t were sent to our ‘Glitter Station’. Alongside the fashion fund-raising, we also made sure to utilize the resource Packs that Wear It Pink provide on their website and held a Big Pink Quiz of our own.

Further donations were also given by putting forward some spare change and choosing from a selection of snacks generously brought in by members of the office.

But we thought why stop there? We also gave our Mortgage Advisors in Nottingham the chance to enter a raffle where they had the opportunity to win one of our various prizes including plants, sweets and extra little treats.

With the day not being over yet we’re keeping up the fun-filled atmosphere to gather even more funds to support this great cause before the day comes to an end.

Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

Another Milestone Reached by our Brilliant Mortgage Team

Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

Another month has come to an end and it seems another milestone has been hit – our employees at our Mortgage Broker in Nottingham have been hard at work by keeping up their fantastic work ethic and it’s paid off!

By sticking to our five core company values each of our employees have shown amazing 5 – Star service, from their open and honest advice to their positive and responsive attitude, it has paid off and shown on our customer reviews that a caring attitude goes a long way.

A big ‘thank you’ to all

We would be nothing without all who interact us – from our generous customers who go out of their way to give us amazing reviews and much appreciated constructive criticism, to our hard-working employees who don’t offer anything but their best every day.

Our reviews

“Lucy has been fantastic throughout. She was so helpful and really explained everything clearly, which we were so thankful for being first time buyers! Kayleigh was lovely to speak with and very responsive. Would definitely recommend.” – Alexandra G

“Outstanding. I can’t speak highly enough of Jason and the team – great support throughout with really fast responses. No jargon, just sensible information, well presented. I’m also very happy with the mortgage which was sourced for me.” – Gloria C

“Fantastic service once again from Mizna and the team always there to help and help guide through the whole process I would I recommend you guys to anyone and already have done thank you for everything that you’ve done” – Christian Smith

To see more of our remarkable customer reviews, please check out: & Nottinghammoneyman are trading styles of UK Moneyman Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.
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