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Company Recognition: our August 2019 Champions

Mortgage Broker in Nottingham

Company Champions

There’s nothing like a bit of friendly competition. That’s why our Mortgage Broker in Nottingham have set up our employee appreciation scheme for our employees. Each month, our employee recognition system lets our employees be rewarded through individual nominations for maintaining the company’s core values and keeping the work environment a positive place for all.

This month the employees with the top scores are as follows:

1. Michael Sallabank

Michael | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Despite being overrun with IT issues, ‘Mikey’ always finds a solution. Whilst juggling the daily tasks of the marketing department, fixing the office equipment, and at the same time finishing up his own qualification in Level 3 Digital Marketing – He has also managed to make time to mentor our two most recent apprentice’s.

Great job Mikey!

2. Nathan Moore

Nathan | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Nathan has been keeping a keen eye on the company’s incoming cases, helping to deal with all customer queries and making sure people can get their last-minute appointments. Because of his hard-work and caring service as a Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham, Nathan has received great outcomes and responses from all customers he has interacted with – making him one of this month’s top-ranking 5-star service employees.

Keep doing us proud Nathan!

3. Annie Hudson

Annie | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Amazing feedback has been received about Annie from both Staff and Customers – highlighting her versatility in all the office’s departments. With tasks coming in from all directions, from rapid response rates to taking on many cases to make sure customers mortgage applications run smoothly, Annie has used this opportunity to shine.

Stay shining Annie!

This month’s top reviewed employee | Kayleigh Steward

Kayleigh | Mortgage Advisor in Nottingham

Kayleigh Steward has received 26 reviews! This is an amazing achievement as we know that is can sometimes be hard asking for customers to provide feedback over and over again. However, because of your amazing customer service, people have wanted to come back and tell us how helpful you have been! – Well done Kayleigh!

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