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Remortgaging is the act of taking out a new mortgage on a property that you own already. This will replace the current mortgage you have or allow you to borrow money against your properties value. There are lots of reasons as to why people choose a remortgage, but we often find that one of the most popular is to remortgage for better rates. 


A mortgage is arguably the largest financial commitment you will ever go through and should be planned thoroughly before you make any hasty decisions. It’s for this reason why would absolutely recommend that you look at the options available to you, ensuring you can get the best deals and services. Who wouldn’t want to do something that would save them money, especially on monthly payments?

1000s of Remortgage Deals in Nottingham

The great news is that we will be able to do the deal searching for you, taking a look through thousands of remortgage deals on your behalf. It is our hope in doing so, that we will be able to find you the most best deal with favourable interest rates. Our trusted remortgage advisors in Nottingham are industry experts and are well versed in mortgage lender criteria.


The remortgage process may occasionally include complications. It’s for this reason why we will always recommended taking expert advice from a mortgage broker in Nottingham. We are known for providing all of our customers with open and honest mortgage advice in Nottingham. We will guide you through your entire remortgage journey, supporting you and trying to save you money too!

Watch Malcolm’s Remortgage Guide

Before you get started with your remortgage process, we would also recommend watching Malcolm’s five-minute guide to remortgages video. This will serve to further explain the remortgage process to you. If you have any further questions or would like to get started on your remortgage, book your free remortgage review today and we will see how we can help.



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We search 1000s of mortgage deals across a large number of lenders, including:

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Popular Reasons to Remortgage in Nottingham

Remortgage to Find a Better Deal

As you approach the end of the fixed term of your mortgage, it’s important to start thinking about your options for what to do next. If you don’t take any action, your lender will likely move you onto their standard variable rate of interest (SVR), which typically comes with higher interest rates and will result in higher monthly mortgage payments. This is why many homeowners in Nottingham choose to remortgage their property.


By remortgaging, you could secure a better deal with more favourable interest rates, which can result in lower monthly payments and ultimately save you money in the long run. Seeking the advice of a mortgage advisor in Nottingham can be beneficial in helping you find the best deal for your circumstances.


A remortgage advisor will assess your current financial situation and offer advice on which remortgage deals may be suitable for you. They will take into account your income, credit history, and the equity you have in your home, among other factors. They will also help you understand the various fees and costs associated with remortgaging, such as early repayment charges and arrangement fees.


Overall, a remortgage can be an effective way to manage your mortgage payments and secure a better deal. It’s always a good idea to seek professional mortgage advice in Nottingham from a remortgage advisor to help you make an informed decision about your options.

Remortgage for Home Improvements

At Nottinghammoneyman, we have helped many homeowners remortgage to improve their home. The way this works is that you incorporate the costs of the home improvements, such as a loft conversions, office spaces, new kitchen, etc., into your mortgage. This does mean that your monthly mortgage payments will be increased however.


If you’re considering remortgaging for home improvements, we recommend booking a free remortgage review online with one of our dedicated remortgage advisors in Nottingham. During the review, we can help you understand your options and find the best remortgage deal for your needs.


It’s important to note that some mortgage lenders may require you to provide quotes for the work you are planning to have done before approving your remortgage application. This is because the lender will want to make sure that the work you’re planning to do will increase the value of your property and thus make their investment more secure. Your remortgage advisor can help you understand the requirements of different lenders and guide you through the application process.

Remortgage to Consolidate Debts

Debt consolidation involves merging all of your unsecured debts, such as credit card debts and personal loans, into one larger debt that is secured against your mortgage. This can make it more manageable to keep up with your repayments and reduce the total amount of interest that you are paying. However, it is important to be aware that by consolidating your debts into your mortgage, you will be spreading the cost over a longer term, which means you could end up paying back more overall.


Before remortgaging to consolidate your debts, it is important to speak to a specialist mortgage advisor in Nottingham. They will be able to offer tailored advice and guide you through the process, as well as help you determine if debt consolidation is the best option for your personal and financial circumstances. They can also help you find the best remortgage deal to suit your needs and avoid any potential pitfalls.


You should think carefully before securing other debts against your home. By adding your unsecured debts to your mortgage, which is secured on your home, you are potentially putting your home at risk if you cannot make the required repayments.


Although the total monthly cost of servicing your debt may have reduced, the total cost of repayment may still have risen as the term of your mortgage is longer than it may have taken to repay the debts originally.

Remortgage to Remove a Name

If you co-own a property in Nottingham and are looking to remove the other co-owner’s name from the mortgage, you will need to remortgage your property. This can be done by either switching to a new lender or staying with your current one. The remortgage process will be similar to when you first got your mortgage, as you will need to prove to the lender that you are financially capable of making the monthly payments by yourself, without the help of your co-owner.


It is important to seek professional advice from a dedicated remortgage specialist before making any decisions about co-ownership and remortgaging. They can help you understand the process and provide you with tailored advice to ensure you make informed decisions that are right for your individual circumstances. By booking a free remortgage review online with a member of our remortgage advice team, you can start the ball rolling and make the necessary steps towards taking full ownership of your property.

Why choose us for your Remortgage in Nottingham?

Our job as a mortgage broker in Nottingham is to provide you with expert and insightful remortgage advice. If you’re considering remortgaging your property or are approaching the end of your fixed term, we offer a free remortgage review with one of our dedicated remortgage advisors in Nottingham. This service is available to all customers, regardless of financial or personal circumstances.


Our remortgage advisors in Nottingham are highly trained and knowledgeable in the mortgage field. They will not only do their best to find you a better deal on your mortgage, but they can also try to help you with other remortgage options such as debt consolidation and improving your home through a remortgage.


Our team of remortgage experts are available seven days a week; you can schedule an appointment with them at a time that best suits you, whether that is outside of regular working hours or over the weekend, we want to make it nice and easy for you to fit in your review around your busy schedule.


Nottinghammoneyman has access to a large panel of both high street and specialist lenders. Each lender has a large variety of products and deals available, which means that our team can search 1000s of remortgage deals to find the best one for you. They will take into account your personal and financial circumstances to ensure that they recommend a deal that is tailored to your specific needs.


If you’re looking to use a mortgage broker in Nottingham like ourselves, you should take a look at our genuine customer reviews. These reviews are from both home buyers and homeowners who have used our service and have valued their experience with us. You never know, you may come across someone who has been through a similar situation to you.


To get started with your free remortgage review, simply book an appointment with one of our remortgage advisors in Nottingham. We will guide you through the process and help you take the next step towards being a homeowner.

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Common mortgage

Once your fixed mortgage period comes to an end, your mortgage will automatically transfer to your mortgage lender’s standard variable rate (SVR) of interest.

Typically, this rate tends to be higher than your current rate, which could result in higher monthly mortgage payments.

To avoid this scenario, we recommend that you reach out to our team of mortgage advisors in Nottingham. We’ll help you search for remortgage deals to ensure that you don’t end up paying more than you need to for your mortgage.

In fact, we may even be able to find you a deal that results in lower monthly payments!

Remortgaging to pay off your unsecured debts is an option you may consider, but it is important to carefully weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.

Our temortgage advisor in Nottingham can help you explore all of your options to determine the best course of action for your personal and financial circumstances.

We recommend that customers always seek reliable mortgage advice in Nottingham before consolidating their debts!

View FAQ

During your free remortgage appointment in Nottingham, which typically lasts about 30 mins, our team will carefully analyse your current financial and personal situation to determine the most suitable remortgage product for you.

We will go through all the associated fees and compare the costs of staying on your current mortgage versus getting a new deal.

Once we have identified a remortgage deal that meets your needs and requirements, we will present it to you. If you are satisfied with the offer and want to proceed, we will guide you through the remortgage application process.

When considering a remortgage in Nottingham, you can expect to encounter similar fees to those associated with your original mortgage.

Your remortgage advisor in Nottingham will guide you through all of these fees, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of what you are paying for.

We will also compare the costs of obtaining a new deal versus staying on your current mortgage to help you make an informed decision.

Our mortgage process is composed of several stages. Firstly, we will ask you to complete our Fact Find to provide us with a clear understanding of your mortgage needs and goals.

Next, you will have a free appointment with a mortgage advisor in Nottingham, who will begin searching for mortgage options that are tailored to your individual circumstances. If we find a suitable offer that meets your requirements, we can proceed with your mortgage application.

To obtain an agreement in principle, we will conduct a credit check on you and gather supporting documents to validate your mortgage application.

Once we have submitted your mortgage application, we will wait for a formal mortgage offer to be issued.

As a mortgage broker in Nottingham, we often see customers seeking a second mortgage for various reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

– Consolidating debt.
– Making home improvements.
– Investing in a buy to let property.
– Other reasons, such as purchasing a holiday home or helping a family member with a mortgage.

Obtaining a mortgage may be a bit more challenging if you have a history of bad credit, but it’s not impossible!

In such cases, some mortgage lenders may require a slightly larger deposit from you, typically around 10-15%.

Whilst this is the case, there may still be many options available to you, and as an experienced mortgage broker in Nottingham, we can help you find a mortgage lender that is willing to work with your situation.

– Photo ID (Driving license, Passport, etc.).
– Proof of Address (Utility bills, tax bills, credit card statements, etc.).
– Latest 3 months’ payslips & Latest P60 (employed applicants)
– Latest 2 years’ tax calculations and corresponding overviews (self-employed applicants)
– 3 months’ bank statement proving the deposit being built-up with an explanation for any large credits.

We make it so easy!
Our 4 step process

Step 1

An initial telephone call where we take some details and look at your Remortgage plan.

Step 2

A discussion about your personal requirements. You already own the property this time around, you can avoid the property chain!

Step 3

We will search and compare 1000s of products to find you the most appropriate deal.

Step 4

Application stage - We'll ensure everything goes smoothly with the lender. You'll have our support from your initial contact right through to when your remortgage process has completed.

A telephone call where we can take some initial details and find out about your plan of action.

Enjoy finding a property!

Make an offer on the property you set your heart on – we’ll finalise your figures and help you to get a good deal.

Our mortgage recommendation. We’ll try to find you the best mortgage deal. We’ll be there to support you, right through to you getting your keys.

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