Some of The Best Areas to live in Nottingham

When you are a First Time Buyer in Nottingham and have no idea where you want to live, the process can become very stressful and it can be hard to get the ball rolling.


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If you are struggling to decide where you want to live in Nottingham, here’s a list of our top 7 best places to live in Nottingham.

1 – Arnold

Arnold is a historic and community-driven town and one of the largest towns in the county of Nottinghamshire. You may be familiar with some of the history surrounding Arnold, with it being the birthplace of the Home Brewery Company Ltd, as well as the 1811 Luddite Riots. Generally considered to quite a safe and friendly place to live, it has also been the home base of Nottinghamshire Police for over 40 years. 

Arnold has a town market ran by locals, a leisure centre that contains a swimming pool and a theatre, as well as a now refurbished library, great for shopping, spending time with the family and exploring literature. Other notable attractions include St. Mary’s Church, Arnot Hill Park and Bestwood Country Park. 

For a quiet, safe area with lots to do and fantastic history, you might find Arnold to have the home you’ve been looking for.

2 – Beeston

Beeston is a large town located southwest of the Nottingham City Centre. Due to the volume of housing available, it’s become hugely popular amongst first time buyers. The average price for a home in Beeston ranges from low to high, however, in most cases, you’ll find most prices affordable. 

Beeston is the closest town to the University of Nottingham, so as you can guess, lots of students live in the area. This has made Beeston become a bit of a hotspot for restaurants, bars and pubs – perfect for a social life. The lively atmosphere that surrounds Beeston is perfect for any families or social outgoers. 

Beeston is great; in fact, this place has been named one of the best places to live in Nottingham. Even if you are feeling adventurous and fancy exploring, you’ll find woodland walks, parks and lake views in each and every corner of this wonderful town. 

There is something for everyone in Beeston!

3 – Mapperley

If you love an area that has places to go shopping, a variety of pubs and cafés to meet friends for lunch, you’ll love Mapperley. There’s a lot to this residential area in the north-east of Nottingham, only a 15-minute walk from the city centre itself. 

With private and state education opportunities for children, nearby medical facilities and popular day-out destinations only a short drive away, such as Sherwood Forest, Rufford Abbey Park and Clumber Park, Mapperley could be a great place to raise a family. 

Mapperley is considered a conservation area, meaning the nature around the area will be relatively undisturbed. This provides an opportunity for a potential home surrounded by trees and greenery, giving it a parkland feel. Property prices vary, though tend to fall within the realm of affordability for the average home buyer. 

If this sounds appealing to you, definitely get looking at Mapperley properties sooner rather than later, as this location is sure to have people chomping at the bit to find a place around there to call home. 

4 – The Park

The Park is a private residential estate in Nottingham and the estate is home to large, expensive properties. In some cases, you’ll find some ranging even higher up to £800,000! 

Best known for its Victorian architecture, The Park has a peaceful, British feel. Many of the houses in the area have been around for centuries, some ageing back to the 1840s. If you have the money, The Park could be the ideal area for you. 

You are even a 15-minute walk away from the Nottingham City Centre, allowing you to get a feel of the city life. Furthermore, you are also within 5-minute walking distance of Nottingham Castle; this will surely give you a taste of Nottingham’s history. 

For information on The Park and to see if we can help you start your Moving Home journey there, get in touch with our brilliant team today. 

5 – Ruddington

Situated only 4 miles from Nottingham itself, Ruddington is a small village in the borough of Rushcliffe, twinned with Grenay in France. 

Like a lot of the areas in Nottinghamshire, it’s community feel cannot be understated. Residents have banded together on various occasions to keep the identity of the village they love dearly, from being subsumed into the surrounding areas. 

In Ruddington, you’ll find a variety of local amenities only furthering this community feel, with many different shops, schools, pubs, community centres, a village hall and a few churches. There are even weekly parkrun’s and fun runs to take part in, encouraging fitness, local spirit and raising money for charity! 

The history of the area dates back to ca. 1500 BC and its name translates from Old English to “The Estate of the People of Rudda”. It has a notable association with the knitting industry, with an 1851 census showing that almost half of the areas households having someone from Ruddington in that line of work. Today you can find the Ruddington Framework Knitters Museum in the very place where many knitters and their families lived. 

For a nice and quiet location, with countryside walks or runs (we recommend Rushcliffe Country Park!), a strong community feel and only a short distance to travel to Nottingham from, Ruddington could give you exactly what you need from a home. 

6 – West Bridgford

West Bridgford has so much to offer its residents with an ideal central location, a vast array of shops, bars and restaurants on Central Avenue. It’s also home to some of the region’s sports clubs: Nottingham Forest, who play at the City Ground Stadium and Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club who call the iconic Trent Bridge home. 

Many families choose to move to the area for the great selection of reputable schools. There are numerous schools within the area that teach from nursery stage up to comprehensive/sixth form level – both West Bridgford School and Rushcliffe School stand out as popular choices with parents.  

There is a vast selection of natural areas to explore, one of these being West Bridgford Park, which holds many annual events. You can take in the sights and sounds of the canal or, in a short car journey, visit Wollaton Park or Holme Pierrepont. 

West Bridgford is closer to the City Centre and Nottingham Train Station than you think. Jump in the car, take an Uber, a taxi or even hop on the bus and you will be over the Trent and in Nottingham in less than 10 minutes. If you’re interested in hearing more about properties available in West Bridgford, please give Nottinghammoneyman a call and speak with one of our dedicated Mortgage Advisors in Nottingham today. 

7 – Woodborough

Woodborough is a long and winding village in the county of Nottinghamshire. This small and niche village is ideal for those who prefer a quiet lifestyle.  

The building is a mixed blend with the old such as the two new estates and residences grounds with the modern era. The twentieth century does not seem to have changed the face of Woodborough over time. Throughout this area, you’ll find a Post Office and Newsagents, with some classy barn conversions and farmlands dotted around. 

We know that being surrounded by city noise is not always everyone’s cup of tea, so if you like your quiet locations, Woodborough could be for you.

First Time Buyer Mortgage Advice in Nottingham

We hope that this list has helped you a little when it comes to making the decision of where you are going to live in Nottingham. It can be tough Moving Home, especially when you have no experience in doing so.

For help with your Moving Home journey or first time buyer in Nottingham, make sure to get in touch with us. We are a Mortgage Broker in Nottingham and can help you through the whole Moving Home process. We have helped thousands of home movers achieve their keys to their dream home, you could be next!

Date Last Edited: November 24, 2023