When moving home in Nottingham and purchasing a new property, most homeowners will need to sell their current property first. The equity obtained from the sale will serve as the deposit for the new property.

Sellers typically have a minimum acceptable offer to agree to a sale, but various factors can influence the time it takes for the house to be sold. These factors include effective marketing and presentation on the market.

It’s important not to set the asking price too high or too low just to secure an offer. The offer should align with the local market conditions, so it’s advisable not to solely rely on the estate agent suggesting the highest potential sale price.

The way you enter the market can significantly impact the number of viewings you receive. If there is a lack of initial interest, it may indicate that the property has been overvalued.

Some potential sellers prefer to wait until they have found a property they want to buy before putting their house on the market. If you’re looking for a quick sale, there are tips available to increase your chances of selling your property more expeditiously.

Top Tips to Sell Your Home Quickly

Housekeeping Tips

One important tip is to view your house as if you were a potential buyer seeing it as a first time buyer in Nottingham. If something doesn’t look right to you, it’s likely it won’t look right to others either.

Having good “kerbside appeal” is advantageous as it creates a positive first impression. Pay attention to keeping fences intact and tidying up any outdoor items, such as barbecues.

A garden filled with well-placed flowers can add color and a pleasant scent to the outside of the property.

When the exterior looks well-maintained, potential buyers will assume the inside is just as nice. Simple tasks like jet-washing the driveway or neatly cutting the lawn can create a “feel-good factor.”

The same attention should be given to the front door area. Clear any clutter in the garden, such as children’s bikes and toys. Make sure the front door feels welcoming, and consider treating yourself to a new doormat as part of the revamp.

Once you’ve addressed the exterior, move on to each room inside the house. Pay extra attention to the kitchen and bathrooms, as these areas are often crucial to buyers. Don’t overlook the bathroom, as it is a room that many people forget to highlight.

Ensure the bathroom is spotless, storing away items that aren’t used daily. Coordinated towels and flannels can add a nice touch to create a polished look.

Nice and Tidy!

Creating a sense of spaciousness is always appealing. Anything stored outside of cupboards should be moved out of sight or, if unnecessary, disposed of.

While sheds are useful for storage, keep in mind that potential buyers may want to look inside. Avoid overfilling it with junk. The same applies to the garage – if the buyer has a car, they’ll appreciate having ample parking space.

Maintaining well-kept interiors is crucial. Freshly painted doors and polished brass fixtures can update worn-out features, giving a refreshed appearance. Tighten loose screws throughout the house and ensure doors and locks operate smoothly.

To create a relaxed atmosphere, it’s best to avoid having pets or young children present during viewings. If you’re selling a family home, displaying family pictures can help the buyer envision it as their own.

Allow buyers space during viewings and avoid crowding them. If appropriate, let them explore on their own, giving them the opportunity to discuss among themselves.

Well-lit rooms appear more inviting and leave no room for hidden surprises, especially in darker areas. Keep curtains and blinds open and ensure all lightbulbs are working. If you have interior plants, trim them to an appropriate size.

Keep Your Home in Nottingham Clean

To make your house appealing to potential buyers, it’s crucial to ensure it is spotlessly clean. Pay attention to every detail, including repairs, and present fabrics in a well-maintained manner, such as:

  • Curtains.
  • Bedding.
  • Floors.
  • Windows.
  • Opting for plain painted walls allows buyers to envision personalising the space, so it’s best to avoid wallpaper.

Appealing to more than just the visual senses, create a fresh and inviting atmosphere by ensuring a pleasant scent and good ventilation. Keep the space clutter-free to promote an open and spacious feel. If you notice any funky smells, promptly remove the source as it can deter potential offers.

When it comes to viewings, it’s more appealing for you, as the seller, to conduct them yourself. You have the most intimate knowledge of the property and can highlight its best features while providing a balanced view by mentioning any minor issues.

While estate agents want to earn their commission, they may have limited knowledge about your specific property. Buyers are often drawn to the personal connection between the seller and the home.

Emphasise your own experience, showcasing the emotional connection and cherished memories you’ve created. This can be particularly compelling for buyers seeking a family home.

Date Last Edited: November 22, 2023