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Top 10 Reasons People Decide To Sell Their Home & Move

Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Nottingham

Why do people move to a new house?

A 2020 Study from online estate agent Strike has shown the top 40 reasons that Britons tend to sell their home and move for.

In their study they found a variety of bizarre reasons that people decide to move home, including:

  • The house is haunted
  • Pets don’t like the property
  • There’s a glare on the TV screen
  • And perhaps the most relatable being, the pub is too far away

In this article though, we are going to focus and elaborate on the Top 10 reasons from that list, as they are examples we too run into often when we provide Moving Home Mortgage Advice in Nottingham.

The reasons for Moving Home in Nottingham

10. To have more parking space

A simple one really that can cause a lot of grief, especially if you live in a populated area and own a vehicle. You’d understandably want to park outside of your own property, but as it’s not a driveway you unfortunately do not own the spot. Some may choose to Remortgage to build a driveway themselves, but it might not always be a viable option, be that down to declined planning permission, your property being close to the public pathway or not having the time to see it through.

9. Don’t get on with the neighbours

Whether your ideal scenario is to be having barbeques with your neighbours or you prefer the quiet life, sometimes we just don’t get on with our neighbours. Reasons for this can be down to loud music, overheard domestic incidents, babies crying and more. No matter the circumstance, it can sour you on your location and can leave you wanting to move somewhere more favourable.

8. For more storage space

It’s probably no secret that us Brits have a tendency to horde. We are always looking for something new to buy for cheap and add to our long list of possessions. There are other circumstances too, like owning lots of sentimental items or having multiple cars and only a small garage. It’s reasons like these why people often choose to move somewhere with more storage space for their belongings.

7. To move into the countryside

City life or busy estates aren’t for everyone. Though it could mean a longer commute, advantages can include cleaner air, more land to build upon, larger gardens, less noise, and more scenic views. With technology becoming more advanced, it’s also becoming more of a social norm to work from home. This is especially the case during 2020 with the global pandemic and many are set to continue like that heading into the future. Having no real need to travel, many do opt to just live a comfortable countryside life.

6. To be closer to family and friends

Another simple one that has a large effect on people, is being apart from family and friends. Having an active social life has been proven to be an effective means of aiding the fight against mental health, so it makes sense why many would opt to move closer to ones they love and care for. It can also help with family bonds, especially if there are young ones and you need a babysitter on hand.

5. & 4. To have a bigger living room or kitchen

Both falling into the same category are moving to somewhere with either a bigger living room or a bigger kitchen. It is quite common for people to outgrow their home, especially of you are a young couple looking to start a family. It’s not always possible to build upon something you already have, leaving many to opt into moving somewhere where they have more space.

3. Change of scenery

Similar to when people move to the countryside, some would just rather be somewhere new. Whether you’ve grown tired of your current home, aren’t getting as much sunlight as you had hoped or live in a quiet village with not a lot going on, moving to a new location can sometimes be all it takes to make a place feel like home.

2. Wanting a garden or a bigger garden

In the eyes of many homeowners, having your own outdoor space is an essential. Some though either don’t see it as such or don’t have the means/space to create a garden. Adding to a garden and displaying more plants will also have an impact on the cleanness of the air, as NASA research papers show they reduce pollution levels over time. The promise of cleaner air, along with more family space can be quite appealing to a homeowner.

1.  In need of a bigger home

Much like some of the aforementioned points, the number one reason for moving home in the UK is needing more space. Be it because you have more possessions, are starting or growing a family or are looking for somewhere with more land to build upon, many choose to upscale. You could be looking to create a home office, a children’s playroom, a laundry room or even guest bedrooms. The possibilities are endless for those who move to large homes.

Get in touch with a mortgage advisor in Nottingham

Selling your pre-existing property and Moving Home in Nottingham can be one of the most stressful experiences of your life and understandably so. That is where a dedicated mortgage broker in Nottingham would be very beneficial to you. It’s the aim of our mortgage advisors to provide clear and simple mortgage advice, as free of stress and jargon as possible.

Our team are able to…

  • Compare the costs of raising money for home improvements against the costs of moving (these include things like estate agent fees, conveyancing/survey fees and solicitors’ fees).
  • Calculate the maximum you’d be able to borrow and give you a quote on monthly payments, so you can have a think about what you’d like to do next.

Get in touch and we will book you in for a free mortgage consultation with a knowledgeable mortgage advisor in Nottingham to see what your options might be. With years of experience in helping customers move to a new home, we’ll do our best to ensure the process goes as smooth as it possibly can.

Source: https://www.express.co.uk/life-style/property/1313836/property-market-latest-britons-moving-home

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